Welcome to my blog!  Being of the slightly anti-social nature by not participating on Facebook, Twitter, what have you...I have often thought it would be nice to have some public forum in which to present ideas/questions/fancies/notions.   

We are currently so inundated with ways to communicate that I oscillate between complete ravenous consumption and the need to run screaming from anything and everything that has a screen.  Here's hoping this blog will help me find a happy medium.

As you can see from my website, I work primarily in film and television.  But here's the dirty secret about people like myself:  when I am actually working on a production, I barely have time to sleep and eat, never mind actually watching films and television.  Here I am devoting my time to creating cinematic experiences but in turn having difficulty devoting time and attention to other people's work.  Which seems totally backwards, no?  How are you supposed to stay inspired by a medium you love when you barely have any time to enjoy it?

This blog will be a concerted effort to making the time.  Making the time to observe, respond and react to other work, not just film but anything and everything that can inform me as a designer.

Wow -- lofty goals...but here we go.