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Hi!  Welcome to my site.  Please feel free to peruse through my design portfolio, art and blog -- all of which will, hopefully, give you a well-rounded look of who I am as a designer, artist and constant searcher of inspiring people, places and things!

First off, I was born in Perú and moved to the States with my mother at the age of seven.  I began my love of film and television at quite a young age -- I remember countless hours glued to the television (with the excuse of needing to "learn English") watching AMC and Nick at Nite.   However, it was not until college that the possibility of pursuing it as a career even occurred to me.

I studied both Film and Visual Arts at Columbia College.  The thing I loved about Columbia (aside from the amazing people there) was that it made NYC feel safe and manageable.   Its gated campus could make you forget the outside world and really concentrate on your studies.  Then, when you needed to relax and have time away from your books, you could hop on the good old 1/9 (back in the day when there used to be a 9 train) and explore the city.  The perfect balance.

Upon graduation, I moved into an apartment with three friends, which was at times both great and slightly terrible, but honestly not very different from the living situation we had already experienced in school. Small college dorms go a long way in preparing you for honest-to-goodness "affordable" NYC apartments!  But I digress...I first got my foot in the proverbial door by assisting in as many films as possible.  I soon realized that the art department was where I fit in the best.  It was during this time that I got to meet and work for some of NYC's great production designers.  It was under their encouragement that I decided to go back to school and pursue an MFA.

NYU's Design program provided the perfect environment for me to learn about design (both theater and film) and, more importantly, it gave me the tools to discover who I wanted to be as a designer.  It also gave me the opportunity to work with up-and-coming directors from its Film program.  To this day I continue to work with NYU alums.  Recently, I worked with Gigi Dement '10 (a real life Oscar winning producer - yes I get to brag on her behalf) and Malgosia Turzanska '09 (one of my favorite costume designers!) on a film called "Babygirl."  It has been doing a great run in the festival circuit - it showed at Tribeca Festival and also won the Spirit Award at the Santa Barbara Film Festival this year.  Special shout-out to Macdara Vallely - who is just a fantastic director and a super nice guy to boot.

Ok - in the interest of keeping it short and sweet...or in this case medium-ish, that's a wrap on the "About" section.  Please go to my blog for my latest entries on stuff in general and projects on the horizon!  Also, I do always appreciate feedback, so please feel free to drop me a line.