HYPEBEASTS - short film

The most coveted new sneaker goes on sale at 8am and sneakerheads across the country are camping out overnight to get them. RONNY, a young Filipino-American and die-hard sneakerhead, has been dreaming of these shoes for months, but his quest to get in line is hindered when a fast food cashier's racist joke offends his sister JUSTINE. Ronny's night takes a turn for the worst when he sees the same cashier in the sneaker line. Racial tensions among the sneakerheads intensify and Ronny's fear of not getting his beloved sneakers is quickly replaced with the fear that he and Justine are in serious danger.

written & directed by:
cinematography by:
production design by:
costume design by:

Jess dela Merced
Matt Mendelson
Carmen Cárdenas
Haley Lieberman
Michael Rosete, Jess dela Merced, Jake Choi, Trevon Davis, Grizz Chapman, Aldon Smith